Hospital Closures means more exploitation for HHAs: Unite!

Here are our updated flyers.  As we continue to work around hospital closures, we know that more and more elderly and disabled people will be cared for by HHAs and CNAs at home, and that this will mean more overwork, and continued low wages, healthcare, and job security.




  1. Sharon Mclean

    Thank you all for listening.we all need a voice.because these agencies do not treat us good.they use us to put money in their pocket..just couple day ago my patien’ lied in her bed and smile when her therapy slap me in my face .and the agency do is said its all about the clients.and i must write a report.its a lot we go through.and not getting a decent pay i work 48 hours per week and all i get home
    is $3;77 now i and back on livin isfter taxt what that can do noting.much.and we have to work very hard has for me is a lot of filt cleaning
    plus other duties so thank you .we need our voice to be hearx.

    • florencejohnstoncollective

      Thanks for your comments Sharon. It’s so important for us to share our stories and get together. Even though the work is very isolating we are not alone. If you are in NY you should email or give us a call and we can talk more about how to struggle together.

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