Event on Lincoln Hospital Takeover and Organizing with Florence Johnston Collective

Florence Johnston Collective is teaming up with Cleo Silvers to host an event Saturday, November 16, from 3-5 PM at the Morningside Heights Library in Harlem (2900 Broadway at 113th Street).  Cleo is a former member of the Young Lords Organization, Black Panthers, and the Think Lincoln Committee, the group that took over Lincoln Hospital in 1970 and transformed it from a money machine to a place where working class and poor people in the neighborhood received high quality care.  You can read more here in an interview about the takeover!
Please see the flyer below.  The event is part of an organizing effort at St Luke’s-Roosevelt, which is going through a merger/takeover with the Mt. Sinai Health System, a model which public hospitals are sure to face soon and which has already produced cuts to services and jobs.  You can read more here and here.  The event is open to all interested in healthcare organizing.



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