Worst Home Health Aide Agencies in NYC? Add yours!

Despite being isolated in their every day work, home health aides (HHAs) find ways to communicate socially about work, agencies, cases, and skills.  But instead of having a “water cooler” aides share stories at mandatory one-day in services, orientations, and also online!  A friend of Florence Johnston Collective, known as “concerned,” has been an aide for over three years, and worked for many agencies, and has been keeping tabs on different place to share the information for aides looking for work.  Originally shared on the indeed.com home health aide forum this list is meant to be a starting point to discuss how to take action.  By compiling information and sharing it with other aides, we realize we are not alone!  We also begin to see patterns and establish an analysis of how agencies treat clients and workers, and can start thinking of ways to struggle.  Also, this online forum is an amazing first step in coming together with others in person, with the possibility of taking action.  What if aides at these agencies refused to continue working?  Stopped doing paperwork?  Demands higher wages?  Less cases?  More paid training?  If online activity is any indication, HHAs are creative, caring, angry, and ready to fight.

“Worst HHA Agencies in NYC” by “concerned”

1. Intergen Health-(My first agency that I worked for the longest. However, they are well known for having lousy, garbage cases & last I worked for them they didn’t have too many cases at all. I left due to lack of work & lousy caseload)

2. Barksdale Home Care-(Located in Pelham, NY. Had barely any cases in the Bronx though they claimed they did. I only worked one lame case for them in the Bronx that was only on Saturdays)

3. Amazing Home Care-(Also full of lousy, garbage cases. Why I left is self-explanatory)

4. Caring People-(Located in Queens, NY. Has private cases only but only for Manhattan. Unfortunately, they have no diversity in their clientele and mostly has cases in Queens&Long Island).

5. PHC, Ltd.-(I got w/them b/c my best&long time patient transferred to this agency so I joined them to get that patient back. They, eventually, went out of business and transferred their employees to Premium Home Health Care which underpays it’s hha‘s. However, I left PHC before that happened due to lack of work when my patient moved into a facility).

6. Accent Care-(Also has lousy cases but I left due to lack of work issues&for personal reasons)

7. Compassionate Hospice Care-(Hospice cases only which became too overwhelming for me in the end so I left for personal reasons)

8. Advantage Home Care-(A fairly new agency w/not much experience in the home care business. I had a long term case w/them that did not end on a good note b/c they did not handle the situation fairly. I left due to lack of work issues and for personal reasons)

9. Neighbors Home Care-(One of the few unionized agencies that is still accepting new employees. They also offer a metro card benefit. However, they have a lot of lousy, garbage cases & are extremely strict when it comes to the aides. They will even call you in the middle of the night for work even though they have no policy stating that they can do that. The reason I left is also self-explanatory)

10. Platinum Home Health Care-Sending them my resignation letter tomorrow. Why? Lousy, disorganized agency w/low quality garbage cases & multiple problems w/their payroll and their aides. They are clueless when it comes to what is going on w/their cases and do not believe in mailing out pay stubs like any other normal agency. There are a few coordinators that work there that are nice but the cases are lousy&they don’t have any real work in the Bronx. Also they barely pick-up during emergency on-call hours which is really scary and unprofessional.

11. Quality Healthcare-Never worked for them before but attended their orientation and so glad I dodged the bullet! This agency has false advertisement by lying. After orientation they lie and say they will call you for work but they have to verify your documents which will take another couple of weeks. They also charge you $4 for your i.d. badge which I have never had to do for any of my other agencies. This only goes to show that they do not have any real work and are just trying to keep their agency in business.

12. Hand-In-Hand Together Home Care is unorganized and unprofessional! I did the orientation w/them a week ago, w/only one other person&they still got us on hold for cases! They claim they have cases but have put them on hold b/c they have no machines yet to make the i.d. cards and can’t find anyone knowledgeable to do the background checks. Stay away from this agency that is still advertising themselves on craigslist. They are lame and that’s why no aides are signing up w/them. They also only have one person (who is not very knowledgeable) running the whole office w/no help. I’m definitely not gonna waste my time trying to work for them. Gonna keep shopping around to find something better.



  1. samantha

    I would like to know where are the jobs at in nyc. I would also like to know why are alot of these well established companies are lieing about work .the work is here who are they really saveing all of these jobs for . My third question iswhy does it seem like they are trying to run all the poor people out of nyc. And why do alot of people hate on other people that try to do better from themselves and why are they hideing when they dont really like african american people.

  2. samantha

    The reason why Im saying this about these hha agencies is because ive been out of work for 3 years and this is the longest ive have ever been out of work ive have been to alot of agencies here in the city and they play games with people that come to fill out application I remember family aides told me I wouldnt be able to get the job because they need spanish aides only no one said anything. Reliable homecare eants you to buy threre book if you dont buy it they will remove you from class, alot of these hhaagencies care about tax credit they dont call you back . Self help pick fits fights with their hha aides yes staff members were fits fighting with hhas inside orientation we were call bitches whores by the case manager. Americare in coney island are liars saying that aides worked for them get paid off there name and never fine them work. A hha agency that I just went to called interm in Westchester never called me or contact me for a respectable case. Whats going on with these agencies especially in nyc why all the hate and lies what is that about

    • florencejohnstoncollective

      Thanks for your comments, Samantha. What do you think is going on? To us it seems like companies are finding it harder and harder to make a profit with the economic crisis and so they are doing whatever they can to screw over workers and take as much from them as possible. That might be why they will hire a bunch of workers and never give them work – to make sure there is a disposable workforce to rotate in whenever other HHAs get sick of making no money or getting called bitches or whatever it is. Would you be interested in meeting up to talk with us and maybe some other HHAs about what you’ve been experiencing? You could call us or send us an email with your phone number. We gotta stick together and fight back!

      We would love to hear more of your thoughts!

      In Solidarity,

      Florence Johnston Collective

      • samantha

        Thanks for responding I thought no one would respond lol. I agree we do need to stick together because some of dont.I was on a case a couple of months ago and this lady kept telling me all the activities that another aide was doing like cleaning ceiling fans jumping over fences to get vegtables .And the list goes on and on when I told the patient we arent allowed to do that she said well the other aide does it .I said oh my goodness this makes my job with this patient a little more harder. I told the coordinator what was going on she didnt even care novel homecare in Brooklyn is the one ofthe worst homecare agencies to go to. They need to be closed down because they are not organized and dont like to communicate with the aides they hire.

      • samantha

        Another question I will like to ask is I wonder whats going on with partners and care .I have heard alot of aides talking about the human resource department and their hours are not right.Is homecare changeing I hope so for the better .

  3. florencejohnstoncollective

    Hi Samantha, sorry for the long time to reply! and yeah, its really hard when agencies pit people against each other, and so some aides go outside the job duties–you’re totally right!! The problem is exactly that when people don’t communicate with each other, their lives get communicated through management, who don’t really have the worker or client interests in mind :(. We can definitely add Novel Home care to the list! People should know about it. we’ve also heard bad things about partners in care but no details. Also, if you’re in new york we’re having a free dinner and get together sunday sept 28–you should come if you can and bring anyone you know! we’ll be talking about this stuff and have the chance to connect more. https://florencejohnstoncollective.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/join-us-for-an-fjc-mixer-and-dinner-sun-928-6pm/

  4. dale

    I am employed with People (DØN’T!!!) Care agency. Very caddy, incompetent, uncoordinated coordinators even the union rep was of no assistance. I am working with a legally blind patient with the worst temper/attitude/hygiene and a bad case of bed bugs. I have tried my damdest to not only “clean” up the last aides mess but eliminate that problem by making daily trips to different stores, to avoid the embarrassment buying sprays. I got bitten up so bad, but to date none has come home with me¿. My patient has no bites, even his nurse noticed it. I informed that ignorant coordinator and she had the gall to ask me how do I know it came from him? I later found out from his social worker & his mouth that his place was exterminated in July while I was still in training & he knew that coordinator since 2001!! So, why is she acting coy¿ Also, his nephew bought him a $600 bed, he/my patient took the plastic off and the bugs came back. He is due 3 exterminations (he had 1 so far). He literally flies in a blind rage about EVERYTHING & he barely has anything left!!! I want off this case so so badly, I was tired of being bounced around & going to client’s home disappointed that they were not informed by the coordinator of the new aide. I believe I am being “punished” because of an incident on a prior case. At the supv meeting, she made stereotypical remarks and had taken the patient’s mother word over mine. It was a waste of my time. I stay because the holidays are approaching, convenience & most of these agencies require 6 months to a year experience.

    • samantha

      Well dale i hope you are able to make it threw the rest of the year After the holidays you should start looking for another agency.No one should have to work under those conditions us as chha have to do what best for us.It sounds like people care violated your rights get what ever it is you get like experience,money and move on toanother

      • dale

        Thanks!! That’s my plan. I am submitting resumes now but I need some time off to go to some of these agencies. As far as PC, I believe they are skating on thin ice with that case. This weekend another aide is assigned and he went off about he don’t want anyone else in his mofo house etc and to call the coordinator. I don’t call her because she comes down on me saying you did not tell him/he never act that way before, then she argues with him over the phone & I am like he has an “excuse” for his behaviour, what’s hers!? I maybe out if not before Thanksgiving after…

      • samantha

        Hi dale I just read your comment and im gonna have to agree with you .you just might have to leave before it gets too violent your patient sounds like he has a short temper .dale dont get your self into trouble try to get with another agency as soon as possible

      • dale

        Yes! He does and most of these patients use their situation so you can pity them. I don’t understand how these agency want aides to have 6 months or more experience when we only receive 3 weeks training, but I’ll keep looking. Thanks again…

    • florencejohnstoncollective

      Samantha and Dale, we have been trying to figure out how we could collectively fight against these agencies. Seems like its true, people should try to find different agencies to work for, but it looks like from people’s comments and the posts there are the same problems most places!! and even if you leave your agency, someone else is going to inherit those conditions. Do you guys think it would be possible to hold a meeting of HHAs who have worked for these different agencies to figure out what we could do together?

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  6. lola

    wow, city choice is a horrible agency as well i have been with them 8 months and only received 26 days of work from them, the coordinator is extremely rude and disrespectful. she even threatened me that she would not give me cases when i refused a case in the bronx which i had made clear from the get go i would not be working in bronx.i was attacked by a client an i filled out an incident report with them an never heard about it again . they are supposed to contribute to a benefits card , adding money every time we are paid yet they only add for 2 pay checks instead of 5 .they do not give u full 6 hrs. of in service only 1 hr. but print certificate claiming it was 6 hrs..

    • florencejohnstoncollective

      Lola do you think this is something that we could collectively organize around? Do you know anyone who is still at the agency or who also had a problem there? Are you still missing backpay? Sometimes a company just needs to see people united and they cave pretty quickly. its easy for them to fight one pissed off HHA, but harder to fight a whole bunch of them plus community members.

      • lola

        HHAs definitely need to have some type of support group because we rarely get the chance to interact with other people in the same position in this field of work so when something goes wrong or we get mistreated or taken advantaged of it feels like we don’t have anyone really to turn to for help or support …especially new aides, sometimes you feel like you need some advise but you cant really talk to other aides at your agency because u simply don’t interact with or see them the same as u would at a regular job .when we get attacked by a client we don’t have another co worker there to assist us, we are on our own . yes i love taking care of my elders an putting a smile on their faces but it doesn’t always go right an we the HHA s need some sort of support system in place to help us cause the coordinators or the other coworkers at the agency don’t always care enough about our well being
        and i find that fact extremely disturbing . it just makes me sad because i thought i would be working with people who genuinely cared for our elders an the people who work so hard to help them but it seems that isn’t the case so much.

      • samantha

        Hello lola I completely agree with you us hhas do need a support organization group to help us in getting hired and the right pay that we need .These agencies need a reality check they cannot treat people like this and expect people that know how to do the job to just go away .This has been going on for too long and us chha that are well experience are sickof it. We do need that support group .

  7. samantha

    I want to come but I cant right now im getting myself together and im going threw alot right now .I thought we disscused that already.

  8. florencejohnstoncollective

    Samantha, Lola, and Dale, let’s talk. if we can come up with a day and time, maybe we could meet up and form our own support group and invite everyone we know as HHAs. We know some other people as well who would be interested. We can advertise at in-services. What do you guys think???

    • dale

      I was just abruptly removed off that case and was accused of like a criminal not informing that job coordinator of changes. That is the nurses job NØT mine. I went to the union and wrote a detailed report of what occurred and I left a message for the supv. It has been 3 days and I have not heard a word from either yet!! That sounds good!

  9. dale

    My apologies for the late response. No! I haven’t heard a word from the union. On Monday the 15th, they are having a meeting for the homecare employees @ the 1199 auditorium. I am working with a private company somewhat affiliated with PC. They are on another floor and share the same payroll system. They play “tag” (I feel) with PC employees. I can give you a call when I am free: I been assigned a weekend case.

  10. Diana

    Well in my personal experience with People Care I never had an issue with them. As for Partners in Care………….. 75% of the staff is of West Indian decent and are really rude. They talk to you however they want to and if you respond in the same manner you’re wrong. I started with them in May and it lasted til Dec. I didn’t have a case from October til the end simply because they couldn’t get me a permanent case to work around my off days which are Mondays and Wednesdays (and they have proof as to why I cannot work those days) but they continued to lie about having cases when they know damn well there are no cases. There wasn’t one month I didn’t file a complaint against someone smh what a waste of my time. Don’t tell us in orientation that there are cases in case you have an obligated/mandatory responsibility to handle and in reality it’s all a lie.

  11. ruby

    I work with human care and they are the worst the coordinators are rude as hell and they never have any cases and when they do they sent you its too horrible dirty houses wirh terrible conditions

    • Veronica yeugene

      Self help is one of the worse agency to work for. Who do they think they’re having Hha running all across town and also having the nerves to try to make you stick to a case you are not permanently assign to just cause no one wants to do it because it’s disgusting! I don’t mean the helpless cases I mean like the clients that can,but won’t. I say no thanks and I get written up. Sad. Why do t they do our jobs and see what it is like. I lose at the end cause I have to buy metro card, pay union due supplies, uniform and more.. Just for a lil bit of change. And still need to pay child care cash. May as well stay home and keep my $200 a week I pay for baby sitter cause I’m let with $50 and that goes to traveling

  12. thewifeofaprisoner

    Add best care inc. They have rude coordinators they could care less about patients. They don’t seem to care about employees and the people in the Bronx office does under handed things. Its a shame.

  13. ild1227

    I am not a worker for Amazing Home Care, but my great aunt was a client for about 9 months. It is, by far, the worst agency I have ever dealt with. While their website states they are all for customer care and focus on working with the patient and family to bring the best service possible, they blatantly refused our request for an aide we requested, and the more we asked for her, the more they refused to work with us. Many days, aides would not show up and no one would call us. The last straw was when her aide was working for 2 hours, and they called her and told her she had to leave my great aunt to go to another client’s house, which would have left my great aunt with no assistance for the rest of the day! I don’t blame the aides. I blame the agency because they obviously do not know how to run a business.

    • mynyn

      i worked for amazing for over a year now. they started me off on a small hour case but after like 3 weeks they gave me a perm case wit great hours. the cordinaters actualy care. it wasnt always like this but lately they seem to have good cases. i heard others people saying the same thing in in service. i am happy they got there act together

  14. dismayed hha

    I have gone through over 10 hha agencies, and must say they are all the same. I wouldn’t recommend an animal to hha field. The Royal Care is nasty. They don’t like to pay employees. Their holiday is yours so you don’t get your money on time. Whether it’s their Jewish holidays or not. Amazing steals your money like crazy. They don’t give timesheets, then tell you, you didn’t clock in properly. The trick is delaying your pay. By the time they mail you a time sheet, or you go in person to pick it up, it’s already a month. Intergen, believes they own their employees. They do pay on time, but you must continue on any case, bad or good. Subsequently, every time they call you to work, you better go. I had to tell them where to get off at. Trimed is not really a bad agency. However, everyone of their cases assigned to me were horrible. As with all of them, watch your money, they will steal your money if you are not careful. Ultimate Care in Brooklyn doesn’t pay at all. When you work it takes a month to get a week’s pay. Pella care pays on time. But there is a certain lady in charge of the operation, she wants you to shut up and take all given to you. Couldn’t mess with that, so I left. Global in Queens is the nastiest. They don’t take taxes from your check. You must pay your own taxes. They do evil things to employees. They pay every three weeks, and mess you up if or when you refuse to work any of their cases. GREATER NEW YORK HOME CARE, sent me on a case where I was inappropriately touched. When I reported it, they said, “oh it happened to you too?” I said, “I wish you the coordinator had put me on my guard, before sending me, into such home to do three days live in.” I am trying so hard to leave this hha field. Go back to CNA-RN

  15. mynyn

    You only list the worst agencies – has there ever been an agency you, or anyone, was happy with? if not, maybe its time to look within.
    I have had very nice experiences with a few difference agencies. The fact that there are only “lousy garbage cases” is due to the government, not the agencies. they get the cases and fill them. cuts in medicare and medicaid mean they are approved for less hours. maybe we should lobby the government to get more money into the system??

  16. san

    do not i repeat do not work with city choice home care services . i was employed by this agency for over a year but they lied on the hha registry and said i only worked with them for 6 months so i couldn’t go after them for unemployment if i wanted to , they give me notice that i would no longer be an employee there i found out when i was checking my status on the registry ..disgusted ..they do not care about patients of their employees

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