Last Day Of LICH? Speak Out: Thursday 5/22, 6pm

ImageBy all accounts this Thursday 5/22 is the last day of any service at Long Island College Hospital. FJC has been watching these events unfold all year, along with the similar story playing out at Interfaith. We see the struggles to save these hospitals as connected, not only to each other, but to the bigger struggle for health care based on human needs, not profits.

The campaign to save LICH has worked very hard to raise awareness, earn politicians’ attention, boost the unions, and wage a court battle. But these avenues have not saved LICH.

When the politicians fail, the courts fail, and the unions’ strategy doesn’t work, its time to admit we need a better plan.

Join us this Thursday for a speak out event, to talk about the LICH experience. We want to hear from patients, workers, neighbors, and anyone with something to say.

Regardless of the outcome at LICH, we need next steps for making sure that the next battle we fight for health care based on need and not on profit will be a victory. The Florence Johnston Collective wants to help combine the energies that have been fighting individual battles in isolation, into a citywide force capable of going on the offensive, not simply defending the latest hospital on the chopping block. That is how we’ll start to win.


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