LICH’s Last Day – People Speak Out!

Rain or Shine – Thursday 5/22, 6pm at Van Voorhees Park. (Hicks St & Amity St)!


Flo-Jo members spoke with LICH workers this morning. Many people stopped by for a chat on their way to the beloved coffee vendor on the corner of Henry and Amity Streets – who said he’d only stay there to sell coffee for another week. And the workers had a lot to say about the “situation” – or there isn’t any clear situation as many are kept in the dark about their jobs, their lives, and the fate of the community. However, we are facing a fact that today many people are being laid off from LICH.

One worker said: “We know SUNY came in for the real-estate [value] when they bought LICH.”

“And they are leaving us now just for that purpose.”

Another criticized the lack of unions’ support for workers in the struggle:

“Unions, they are with the management and they’re not communicating with us, don’t even look at us in the eye!”

As the bidding game for the hospital site continues to leave many in the LICH family in limbo, we see people’s anger turn into amazing energy for protecting and caring for each other. We need to make sure that people’s voices will not be silenced, to struggle against profit-centered healthcare. We want to hear from patients, workers, neighbors, and anyone with something to say.
Join us today, Thursday, 6pm at Van Voorhees Park. (Hicks St & Amity St)!

RAIN OR SHINE! We’ll have extra umbrellas and refreshments.


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