FloJo Struggles Alongside Palestinians


FloJo has been following events in Gaza, from the attack of the El-Wafa hospital, to the ground invasion just announced. Just as the critically-ill patients were evacuated from the building, El-Wafa Hospital was burnt to the ground.

This past week we released two pieces (part 1 and part 2) on the criminalization and incarceration of pregnant women with drug addiction.  In New York, we have watched the closure of hospitals at the same time that poor and working class New Yorker’s can’t even afford rent, let alone healthcare while benefits are constantly being slashed. We are witnessing multiple murders of people of color by the police per week, death of prisoners in the concentration camp-like prisons, and the ongoing poisoning of our water, air, and soil by destructive forms of energy like nuclear and fracking.

Florence Johnston Collective is in solidarity with Palestinian people. Palestinians are facing massacre, trauma, and every kind of human destruction. As humans, and as care workers, we find our affinity not in sympathy, but in outrage, militancy, understanding, and inspiration. While we focus on the terror of Israel, we also need to remember the bravery, humility, and militancy of every day Palestinians–from small children, to hospital workers, mothers, and street vendors. Israel is the manifestation of colonialism and capitalism followed through to its logical conclusion, and no matter where we are in the world we face bits and pieces of it. FloJo struggles alongside Palestinians. Free Free Palestine!


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