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Worst Home Health Aide Agencies in NYC? Add yours!

Despite being isolated in their every day work, home health aides (HHAs) find ways to communicate socially about work, agencies, cases, and skills.  But instead of having a “water cooler” aides share stories at mandatory one-day in services, orientations, and also online!  A friend of Florence Johnston Collective, known as “concerned,” has been an aide for over three years, and worked for many agencies, and has been keeping tabs on different place to share the information for aides looking for work.  Originally shared on the home health aide forum this list is meant to be a starting point to discuss how to take action.  By compiling information and sharing it with other aides, we realize we are not alone!  We also begin to see patterns and establish an analysis of how agencies treat clients and workers, and can start thinking of ways to struggle.  Also, this online forum is an amazing first step in coming together with others in person, with the possibility of taking action.  What if aides at these agencies refused to continue working?  Stopped doing paperwork?  Demands higher wages?  Less cases?  More paid training?  If online activity is any indication, HHAs are creative, caring, angry, and ready to fight.

“Worst HHA Agencies in NYC” by “concerned”

1. Intergen Health-(My first agency that I worked for the longest. However, they are well known for having lousy, garbage cases & last I worked for them they didn’t have too many cases at all. I left due to lack of work & lousy caseload)

2. Barksdale Home Care-(Located in Pelham, NY. Had barely any cases in the Bronx though they claimed they did. I only worked one lame case for them in the Bronx that was only on Saturdays)

3. Amazing Home Care-(Also full of lousy, garbage cases. Why I left is self-explanatory)

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