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Rally 4PM 7/25 (Friday) at Bellvue Hospital, NYC2Gaza!

As Palestinians engage in massive protests, in NYC we are calling for solidarity.  We are inseparable from the Palestinians injured, and the healthcare workers struggling not just to survive but to resist, as Israel bombs hospitals and ambulances to the ground in an attempt to break their spirit.  In NY, we face, slower, every day assaults–overwork, lack of healthcare, silent deaths and ongoing mental and emotional trauma.  The fight of Gaza is our fight!  We will gather outside Bellevue Hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals serving poor populations in the city, and which treats patients in and out of Riker’s Island (a small version of the open air prison that is every day life in Palestine).




Movie Screening: Born in Flames on Thurs June 12 @7PM, the base in Brooklyn

We in Florence Johnston Collective love the 1983 film Born in Flames because of its complex treatment of politics in society!  A “science fiction” film based ten years after a “social democratic revolution”, the film portrays two organizations of women struggling in a world that despite a “revolutionary” government, still faces exploitation, wage labor, sexism, rape, racism, homophobia, and state repression.  The film raises a lot of great questions about state led vs. grassroots led political movements, and about the possibilities for liberation in a world that is still dominated by class divisions along race and gender lines.

We hope to see you there!


New Vital Signs and Event on ACA

**Please Note! We have changed locations for the ACA event to Barnard College, Barnard Hall Room 409, same time and date!**

Florence Johnston Collective wants to announce our new issue of Vital Signs!  This issue features reports on Interfaith, Greece, and the impacts of the Affordable Care Act. To go along with the release of this issue, we will be hosting an event on March 22, 2014 at 2 PM at the Barnard College in Harlem (at Broadway and 117th St).  Please come, and we welcome any healthcare professionals and patients to share their experiences with the NY State of Health, Medicaid, Medicare, and being uninsured.

And as always, we want to hear from you.  If you want to contribute to the event or to our next issue of Vital Signs, please email us.